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Review Of Once A Month Cooking


The theory behind once a month cooking is for an entire month’s dinners/meals to be cooked one weekend a month. How this happens is that individuals cook in that weekend, and then freeze the meals for use throughout the month.

Individuals can tackle their once a month cooking in one of three different ways. They can choose to make double batches of their favorite recipes. They can choose to make as many as twenty different recipes. Or they can choose to make basic starter meals, and build on them during the month.

Individuals need to have a plan in order to handle once a month cooking. There are several websites available that offer planning and shopping lists for those individuals who do not have the time or the organization skills to plan this way. For those who are organized make sure all plans are written down in advance the recipes, the amounts of food to be made, and the grocery list. Individuals need to be sure that they have all the necessary supplies as well like freezer bags and storage containers. It is also suggested that a notebook or a piece of paper on the freezer is needed to keep track of what meals are available.

Some plans suggest dividing the chores in to three days over the weekend. On Friday complete all the shopping. It is recommended to not start the cooking after the shopping. On Saturday start the cooking process, and finish the cooking on Sunday. To make the plan even easier individuals can choose to divide the work with a partner.

Tips and recommendations for once a month cooking:
• Individuals need at least one crock pot to cook up tough cuts of meats for stews or barbeques. It is recommended that individuals should get as many as they can.
• Pre-cut the vegetables the night before. Use a food processor if the individual has one.
• Pre cook the chicken in a stockpot with veggies tied in a cheese cloth bag. Let the chicken simmer for several hours until the meat falls off the bone. Individuals can freeze the meat that they do not use. Plus, the broth makes an excellent base for soups. If not needed right away, refrigerate the broth so the fat can be skimmed off, then place in ice cube trays for freezing.
• Plan how the cooking session will go. What foods will start the day, and where the day will end.

• If the individual has young children, try and get someone to watch the kids for the day.
• Wash the dishes as the plan progresses. This keeps the mess under control, and prevents a pile up of dishes at the end of the day.

Once a month cooking can help individuals who are busy, who need to save money, or just want the ease of mind knowing there is food for dinner.

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